Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scrapping across the universe challenge 13 is up

Have you ever ran from trouble?

In the film Max and his buddies are goofing around on the School's roof top, when they hit a golf ball into a window and it breaks. The boys start running from the scene, in all directions, to find safety from the imminent trouble. Have you ever ran from trouble? Come on.. I know you have? Do you have a little trouble maker that you can scrap about? Maybe you can create a page about running. I cant wait to see what you create from this prompt.

Mine was when i was a kid , i always if i was angry want to walk from home and one day i stamped upstairs and screamed to my mother that i hate her and that i go away so i took my bag and came like a mad girl downstairs ,, what i not know that my mom was waiting there and held the door open for me so and go then,, i began to cry very hard and with a little voice i said but my bag is empty..and then i feel sad.. now it is a good memory ....i was in no time mad but also in notime i forgot and came wissle downstairs so yes i ran from trouble but not far enough loves karin ...come play with us..


Denise said...

gorgeous Karin!

Marieke Blokland said...

Karin, van harte gefeliciteerd met je plek in het DT van A Daily Inspiration! Je maakt prachtige dingen dus het is wel verdiend. Ik had me ook opgegeven, maar ja, er kan er maar 1 de winnaar zijn ;)
Hopelijk zie ik op ADI-blog nog veel van jouw mooie werk voorbij komen. Groetjes,
Marieke Blokland

Amy Wing said...

Hi Karin -
Your work is gorgeous! Reminds me a bit of the playful style of Julie Kirk (not to say you don't have your own unique style!).

I'm not sure if I ever responded to the comment you left on our (Gauche Alchemy) blog in February. If not, I'm sorry. We are always filing away information about potential designers. And no, we don't refuse international folks. :)