Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scrapping across the universe challenge 13 is up

Have you ever ran from trouble?

In the film Max and his buddies are goofing around on the School's roof top, when they hit a golf ball into a window and it breaks. The boys start running from the scene, in all directions, to find safety from the imminent trouble. Have you ever ran from trouble? Come on.. I know you have? Do you have a little trouble maker that you can scrap about? Maybe you can create a page about running. I cant wait to see what you create from this prompt.

Mine was when i was a kid , i always if i was angry want to walk from home and one day i stamped upstairs and screamed to my mother that i hate her and that i go away so i took my bag and came like a mad girl downstairs ,, what i not know that my mom was waiting there and held the door open for me so and go then,, i began to cry very hard and with a little voice i said but my bag is empty..and then i feel sad.. now it is a good memory ....i was in no time mad but also in notime i forgot and came wissle downstairs so yes i ran from trouble but not far enough loves karin ...come play with us..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2nd Easter Day

We had a lovely second easter day that we spent with my parents in law... We went early at 10 o'clock in the morning to get together some lovely easter breakfast and oooh my god it was good. After we finish our breakfast we saw that the easterbunnie went by in the garden and left something sweet for mexx..he enjoys it ..and was dancing around.. He cant get enough of the green in the garden he loves it so much.. And then we saw grandfather with mexx learning how mexx could fly with a broomstick...uuuuh broomstick actually was a snow shelver....We had so much you can see on the picture

And then Paul the grandfather of mexx want to go shopping something for mexx , so he went with mexx alone shopping. I had already a idea in my head and said to my hubby and he laugh then a couple of time later they went back and paul said he had nothing but that we must go with him... because there was something that mexx like to play in so we went to a local do at home store called the KARWEI.. and mexx played in big airspring balloon ( dont now how you call it )

So that was fun and then came the suprisse mommy worst nightmare... hi hi a plastic turtle sandbox...but mexx like it and then it is fine with...If you ask me years ago i hate those things, and that is the same for miffy and bumba two cartoons ..but now i just loved also the sandbox so thanks grandpa and grandma you makes us very happy...
so here some funny photoś of the guyś what a funny and beautiful sunny day hope you like easter i just love and thanks to my family and mich family for this wonderful day loves karin

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy 1 Easter day

Hi there today it is first easter day and our wedding day we are married now for 7years wow...
WE had so much fun today ..first had a lovely easter breakfast and looking together with mexx for easter eggs .. then my sister and brother in law came to visit us and my mom with her boyfriend...mexx love it has not see my sister and brother in law for two months...but he was not shy he has the time of his life ,, especially when he find out that the bunny leave some goodies al so in the back garden ...ooooh he loved it my sister made this photoś of him thanks was fun celebrate this with my family ooooh and what did we laugh ...and then mexx was tired and asked him if he wanted to sleep and he said yes...opened the door and went up the stairs me and my sister behind ..when we where for his room he ran into it and close to door in front of our nose we laughed but the funny thing had to come. i knocked on the door and said if we could come in ...and he said with the same voice like my real dead who is now 9 years in heave....Yes and my sister look at each other and laugh about it it was so funny it was if my that was their hi hi happy easter it was not jezus who rise from the dead it was or dad hi hi ...what a humor well have a nice easter and see you soon enjoy the picture of my lovely son he is the cutest for me he is....loves karin


This challenge is all about the simple pleasures in live.Amelie enjoy's to dig into a sack of grain,crackin her creme brulee with a spoon or skipping stones at the St.Martin's canal. (Ricochet)

Maybe you enjoy the same simple pleasures as Amelie?Or maybe something completely different?Share it with us!!

There is also a amazing price from Jenni Bowlin!!And believe me,it's going to be worth playing for.

Simple things in life is what is keeping me going on , that is what important in my life to enjoy little things and always share them and rember them so i made a mini book of felt and this is how it pop up come on and play with click on the gnome inspired by amelie button and you will enter the site where you can play and love....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

in memory of my dad i made this....

hi there today ,,today it is nine years ago that my died suddenly past away and so to make this day i scrapped with my son it is good to be creatived and i know that i have it from him and i am proud to pass it through to my kid so i made together with mexx his first easter trunk so that he can put his choco bunnies and eggs in it this weekend when it is easter time.. i just love to play with the sassafras paper maybe you think oooh to bad to use it for that but so enjoy it every where i go with my boy looking for eggs and he enjoys it to... and today i found out that i was on sistv catwalk twice ooooh my god with my sassafras goodies thank you girls for picking me ...loves karin

Monday, April 6, 2009


Today i found some time to play again with the challenge of got mojo...always loved it here is my take i make my own world with my own friends...i always lived and still live in my fairy world some people dont understand me but now i got a real friend who is the same and crazest girl like me and she is also a sister here Aranka girl thanks for coming in my live as a friend and having fun with me ..i still love what little girls loves ,,i hate it also that i grow up so fast and wanne where dresses like the little girls but he i am still wearing funny and colorful clothes thank god so enough about me here is my result of that love you alll...sorry for my bluring typing it is also like a little girl

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


COME ON PLAY WITH US;;;;Everyone has some kind of bedtime ritual, right? For the first challenge of the month, we are asking you to share what it is!
My Bedtime ritual is a some tv taking mexx to bed with a warm bottle of milk,, then i have some time to call friends, watch tv, our work on my pc,, and what i even more like time to scrapbook and going trough all the goodies then taking a warm shower and then get to bed and have a beautiful sleep ...till mexx wakes hope you like my mini book with lamp and that i might be inspired you to create with us loves karin

SATU challenge 12; Secrets from your past

POST:Karin vs the past karin

Secrets from your PAST!
This time the challenge is about;
In the film Jude crosses an ocean looking for his birth father, only to discover that he did not know he had a son. Do you have any secrets from your past you want to tell? Is there something you are dyeing to tell and are bursting at the seams? Do you have a secret you want to scrap about it?

My dark secret from the past is that i was born as a hairartist, when i was very little my sister and i playing hairsalon and i was the hairartist and my sister the client and see that chair on the lo that was the dark chair you wanne go in it...because that s where i cut my first hair actually my sister hair,, she was for a long time bold and finally got lovely hair and i cute one piece of hair on the top of her head sorry for that...i am glad we work that out..but as you can see that little girl even i look like a boy was me in the past walking around with my pink hairblower...i also cute every doll even also my sisters and paint them secretly with the colormouse that was in my mother closet stttt dont tell so that was my secret of the past finally i got my dream job...that is all i ever wanted cant wait to see what you are caming up with love karin

Mini Me

Hi there, yesterday evening i made a mini book with the little cards of sassafras lass just love them ...they are so cool..I was happy that i could finish it because MeXx was screaming the whole time and that was very grrrrrrr...but anyway i managed hope you like it , it is again very colourful just as me i love to play with bold colors just love it....