Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SATU challenge 12; Secrets from your past

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Secrets from your PAST!
This time the challenge is about;
In the film Jude crosses an ocean looking for his birth father, only to discover that he did not know he had a son. Do you have any secrets from your past you want to tell? Is there something you are dyeing to tell and are bursting at the seams? Do you have a secret you want to scrap about it?

My dark secret from the past is that i was born as a hairartist, when i was very little my sister and i playing hairsalon and i was the hairartist and my sister the client and see that chair on the lo that was the dark chair you wanne go in it...because that s where i cut my first hair actually my sister hair,, she was for a long time bold and finally got lovely hair and i cute one piece of hair on the top of her head sorry for that...i am glad we work that out..but as you can see that little girl even i look like a boy was me in the past walking around with my pink hairblower...i also cute every doll even also my sisters and paint them secretly with the colormouse that was in my mother closet stttt dont tell so that was my secret of the past finally i got my dream job...that is all i ever wanted cant wait to see what you are caming up with love karin