Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy 1 Easter day

Hi there today it is first easter day and our wedding day we are married now for 7years wow...
WE had so much fun today ..first had a lovely easter breakfast and looking together with mexx for easter eggs .. then my sister and brother in law came to visit us and my mom with her boyfriend...mexx love it has not see my sister and brother in law for two months...but he was not shy he has the time of his life ,, especially when he find out that the bunny leave some goodies al so in the back garden ...ooooh he loved it my sister made this photoĊ› of him thanks was fun celebrate this with my family ooooh and what did we laugh ...and then mexx was tired and asked him if he wanted to sleep and he said yes...opened the door and went up the stairs me and my sister behind ..when we where for his room he ran into it and close to door in front of our nose we laughed but the funny thing had to come. i knocked on the door and said if we could come in ...and he said with the same voice like my real dead who is now 9 years in heave....Yes and my sister look at each other and laugh about it it was so funny it was if my that was their hi hi happy easter it was not jezus who rise from the dead it was or dad hi hi ...what a humor well have a nice easter and see you soon enjoy the picture of my lovely son he is the cutest for me he is....loves karin


Euphoria said...

nice phot collage... your sis did a great job! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

Marit said...

Geweldige collage van je zoon! Vrolijk pasen!!!