Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2nd Easter Day

We had a lovely second easter day that we spent with my parents in law... We went early at 10 o'clock in the morning to get together some lovely easter breakfast and oooh my god it was good. After we finish our breakfast we saw that the easterbunnie went by in the garden and left something sweet for mexx..he enjoys it ..and was dancing around.. He cant get enough of the green in the garden he loves it so much.. And then we saw grandfather with mexx learning how mexx could fly with a broomstick...uuuuh broomstick actually was a snow shelver....We had so much you can see on the picture

And then Paul the grandfather of mexx want to go shopping something for mexx , so he went with mexx alone shopping. I had already a idea in my head and said to my hubby and he laugh then a couple of time later they went back and paul said he had nothing but that we must go with him... because there was something that mexx like to play in so we went to a local do at home store called the KARWEI.. and mexx played in big airspring balloon ( dont now how you call it )

So that was fun and then came the suprisse mommy worst nightmare... hi hi a plastic turtle sandbox...but mexx like it and then it is fine with...If you ask me years ago i hate those things, and that is the same for miffy and bumba two cartoons ..but now i just loved also the sandbox so thanks grandpa and grandma you makes us very happy...
so here some funny photoś of the guyś what a funny and beautiful sunny day hope you like easter i just love and thanks to my family and mich family for this wonderful day loves karin


*fauve* said...

Pictures are so cute!!

(p.s.I hate MIFFY!!)

Aranka said...

Love all the pictures, but especially the one where Mexx and Michel are peeping into the window... soooo beautiful!!

Love you, can't wait to see you next week!!!