Sunday, March 15, 2009

NEW Category Stories ; i am lucky is UP

hi girls this is going to be so mucht fun over at category stories come and play with us it is all about being lucky having luck..are you lucky this time to win the challenge come on and have fun ...

Iḿ so lucky with my new sassafras lass paper just a little kid in the candy story hope you like it to ...

what did i do;

the paper...sassafrass lass
stickers sassafrass lass
card sassafras lass
flowers and trimy sassafras lass
skyline new york..from a page catologus hennes &maurits
jenni bowlin card lucky
pompons purlple and pink strass ribbon
some kawaii candy lollipops
american crafts remarks stickers
hedge of my doll collection
some prima rub ons by adrienn looman
a sombre hat with feather pins

i think that is it let's play girls and boys


Peggy said...

Gorgeous page! It makes me happy and feeling lucky just looking at it!
xxx Peggy